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Going through the legal process can be emotional demanding. You not only need an attorney, well versed in the law but also someone who will be supportive and assist you through this stressful time. 


Jennifer Sweeting represents clients in all aspects of marital and family law.  


Marital and family law deals with issues such as pre and post nuptial agreements, dissolution of marriage, paternity, child support, enforcement, and modification actions.  Sometimes, issues collateral to these matters arise, such as temporary custody by extended family members, termination of parental rights, and adoptions by relatives or step-parents.

Not all marital and family law cases are contested. Jennifer takes a settlement-focused approach first.  By resolving cases amicably, the parties save their financial resources and often have a better chance of preserving their relationships while parenting their children. Jennifer is trained in collaborative law. In marital and family law cases, working through a formal collaborative process means that parties work with their attorneys, and sometimes other professionals, such as accountants and financial planners, in resolving all the issues in their case before anything is ever filed with the court.

In addition to representing clients in marital and family law matters, Jennifer mediates family law cases, with being Florida Supreme Court certified family law mediators.

Furthermore, Jennifer is a certified parenting coordinator.  A parenting coordinator works with parties in implementing their parenting plan so they can reduce conflict and develop a more effective co-parenting relationship.


Jennifer Sweeting assists clients with preparing wills, living wills, durable powers of attorney, and designations of healthcare surrogate.  She also represents clients in probate proceedings, which include matters related to administering a person’s estate after death as well as guardianship cases.

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